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Designing EdTech Poster with Canva

My Enhancing with EdTech poster for Assignment5: Educational technology proposal for enhancing the Fundamentals of Game Design and Development course was built using Canva with a modification of ‘Why do we needa business plan?’ template. The logos were edited using Pixlr. Enhancing Game Design with Educational Technology … Continue reading

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VR, AR, Drones, Robots & Web 3.0

Augmented and Virtual Reality Game developers are banking on VR. AR is far less expensive and far easier to develop, but VR is more immersive. Pokémon Go is built on a previous game’s GPS and AR engines. VR is in … Continue reading

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Systems & UX

There’s a reason most people cannot learn or navigate through systems. They are not user centred nor really designed for user experience (UX). They’re not designed for humans. They are designed for enterprises, for purposes of management, security and to support business … Continue reading

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