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VR in the Classroom

Last night I participated in an educhat titled The #VR Experience – Coming to Your Classroom! on #games4ed hosted by @lucasgillispie @Garlicsuter. Participate in #games4ed educate: Thursdays, 7pm CST Six questions were posed by the hosts. I’ve summarized the responses below. Q1: What experiences have you … Continue reading

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What did Bates miss?

Mobile Bates provides us with Computing, which Mobile shares affordances with, and Social Media as a subcategory, which Mobile serves as platform for, but Mobile offers potentials that Computing doesn’t cover, and Social Media’s potential is better realized on Mobile. Instagram is designed for Mobile. … Continue reading

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VR, AR, Drones, Robots & Web 3.0

Augmented and Virtual Reality Game developers are banking on VR. AR is far less expensive and far easier to develop, but VR is more immersive. Pokémon Go is built on a previous game’s GPS and AR engines. VR is in … Continue reading

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Upcoming Trends

The gaming industry is a pioneer in VR and banking on it. With the release of Playstation’s VR it has already gone mainstream. Google cardboard is a very inexpensive way to access VR with a smart phone. Augment Reality (AR) … Continue reading

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