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Community of Inquiry and Transactional Distance Theory As a learner in an online course facing over 400 unread discussion posts, I feel the isolation discussed in TDT and a lack of social presence. We have a good deal of text … Continue reading

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Accessible Content and Accessible Tools

There are two key components to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI): content and tools. Most of the tools we used or were exposed to in this course are quite accessible. UM Learn (D2L), for example, passed … Continue reading

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Digital Tools: Bates v UNSW

Bates provides two forms of media that New South Wales does not discuss: Virtual Worlds and Multi-Player Games. Both are identified as Social Media, a sub-category of Computing, or, as Social Learning Environments. Second Life is a Virtual World that … Continue reading

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My media use in teaching and learning

A few of my uses of media in my teaching and learning. Text Textbooks, digital and physical Word Docs, PDFs and Google Docs: class notes, assignments, activities, course outlines, supplemental readings… Audio radio and podcasts for learning primarily while working on low … Continue reading

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Managing Your Online Presence

Tips for Managing Your Online Presence Effective use of Social Media Create accounts to start your alone presence and build your personal brand. A lack of online presence can have negative effects. Generate postive content and be active. Follow professionals and … Continue reading

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Social Media & Learning Outcomes

As an educator, I’ve used Facebook as an LMS to supplement a classroom and Twitter and Instagram were both used at the museum to share K-12 student projects. I use Twitter as a learner to create Community of Inquiry (COI) … Continue reading

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Using Instagram for Teaching Teens

What is Instagram? Instagram is a social media app that allows you to micro blog or post. Where Twitter is about primarily about writing, Instagram is about visuals: photos and video. Both share the use of #hashtags to connect posts … Continue reading

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Instagram: The Domain of Millennials

Using Instagram in Online Teaching for teens and millennials Instagram. The domain of teens and 20-somethings; dominated by girls and young women. This one is more challenging. I have an Instagram account, partially to be a part of my four teenage … Continue reading

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Twitter for Teaching and Learning

Using Twitter for teaching is not apparent. It will require research into best practiced and case studies, and even more so for people who have no or little experience using it. It will require that you be creative and use it … Continue reading

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LMSs and Alternatives

The academic LMS appears to be here to stay. They are enterprise systems integrated with other systems that satisfy many administrative business for universities and colleges and they have invested heavily in them. Teaching and learning are tertiary to administrative … Continue reading

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