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Augmented Reality (AR)

At the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), we started some early prototypes using augmented reality (AR). The mobile app features the use of AR from the tower using a panoramic and a 3D model of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Bentwood Box containing … Continue reading

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VR, AR, Drones, Robots & Web 3.0

Augmented and Virtual Reality Game developers are banking on VR. AR is far less expensive and far easier to develop, but VR is more immersive. Pokémon Go is built on a previous game’s GPS and AR engines. VR is in … Continue reading

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Museums, Constructivism and Mobile

Museums moved from a didactic approach and adopted the post-modem “Museum of Ideas” and Constructivist approach partially due to a paradigm shift and also due to facing continually decreasing numbers of visitors and decreased revenues and/or funding. A response to … Continue reading

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mLearning: Where does learning occur?

Palalas positions mLearning as contextual (spatial and temporal: outside of the classroom, into the real world for mediating learning), requiring new approaches, methods and frameworks that cross the boundary of formal and informal learning. And to borrow from Rob in … Continue reading

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Museum LMSs and MOOCs

I was hired at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights to 1) research, evaluate and recommend learning tools and technologies for online programming and 2) to implement and administer an LMS for online programs, both for external audiences (K-12 teachers, … Continue reading

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