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Finding and Identifying OER

Open Professionals Education Network has a guide to assist you in finding OER, including images and graphics. Open Education Resources (OER) Canada OER Group Creative Commons Manitoba Open Textbook Initiative MERLOT OER Commons OER Knowledge Cloud The Athens Project Wikimedia Commons Advertisements

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Instagram: The Domain of Millennials

Using Instagram in Online Teaching for teens and millennials Instagram. The domain of teens and 20-somethings; dominated by girls and young women. This one is more challenging. I have an Instagram account, partially to be a part of my four teenage … Continue reading

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Twitter for Teaching and Learning

Using Twitter for teaching is not apparent. It will require research into best practiced and case studies, and even more so for people who have no or little experience using it. It will require that you be creative and use it … Continue reading

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WordPress for Online Teaching and Learning

I’ve been using WordPress professionally since January 2016 for website development in my current role in web communications. I also have experience using Drupal, another open source CMS, for web site development and as an LMS. Most of what I write … Continue reading

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LMSs and Alternatives

The academic LMS appears to be here to stay. They are enterprise systems integrated with other systems that satisfy many administrative business for universities and colleges and they have invested heavily in them. Teaching and learning are tertiary to administrative … Continue reading

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LMS Satisfaction

In our discussions, the LMS has fallen short in terms of ease of use, and tools for engagement and collaboration. As it turns out, we’re not alone, these features and operations are the lowest ranked in terms of satisfaction among LMS users, … Continue reading

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To use an LMS or not to use an LMS? That is the Question

I have a varied background that involves being on all sides of LMSs over the past 18 years. I have used a number of LMSs: WebCT, Angel Learning, Desire2Learn (D2L), Moodle, Blackboard, SharePoint LMS, ELearning Force and Lanteria. And I … Continue reading

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Movin’ on out!: Moving outside of the LMS

What are some of the advantages and challenges for students and faculty in moving outside the LMS? Advantages: Provides learners with content creation tools and with freedom to choose of tools; choosing tools is learning (Hodges and Repman, 2011) Personalization … Continue reading

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Behaviourism, Cognitivism and Constructivism

Group project created with Kathy Block and Lynda Peyto for EDTC0550 — Foundations of Teaching Online. Behaviourism, Cognitivism, Constructivism PPT slide

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