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Working with a Framework and Feel

As Bates writes “Media selection does not happen in a vacuum” and media selection is only part of the overall framework of course design. (Bates, 2015). And frameworks like SECTIONS provide a model for the evaluation and selection of media … Continue reading

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Do Different and Better

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Affordances of Media

Bates states that “different media have different potential or ‘affordances’ for different type of learning” (Bates, p. 228) and that “the pedagogical affordances of a medium relate to the possibilities of using that medium for specific teaching purposes.” (Bates, p. 229). … Continue reading

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My media use in teaching and learning

A few of my uses of media in my teaching and learning. Text Textbooks, digital and physical Word Docs, PDFs and Google Docs: class notes, assignments, activities, course outlines, supplemental readings… Audio radio and podcasts for learning primarily while working on low … Continue reading

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New tech: Do different and better

New technology and media create challenges for educators, in that, in the early adoption period, we do not initially understand the affordances of them nor how to best use them in our teaching. Bates identifies that the challenges of designing and … Continue reading

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