Working with a Framework and Feel

As Bates writes “Media selection does not happen in a vacuum” and media selection is only part of the overall framework of course design. (Bates, 2015). And frameworks like SECTIONS provide a model for the evaluation and selection of media and technology and include criteria and questions that you may never have considered and that can be easily be scored with yes or now, have or have not, present or absent.

Evaluation models can also be made more granular by adding a simple scoring system, like a rubric, from 1-5, rather than using yes or no or has doesn’t have, to further distinguish the evaluation of a media or technology.

Models or frameworks, like SECTIONS, can seem cumbersome when first adopted but they are useful tools for evaluative and selection purposes.

But, at the end of the day, intuition, your gut instinct as Bates says (2015), really is the final deciding factor. Because SECTIONS and other frameworks can provide for quantitative and qualitative differences, but it sometimes comes down to the right feel and what you know instinctively. And feel and gut instinct cannot be easily understood or scored.

I offer an anecdote. I took a workshop in mono printing instructed by a well known artist. When asked amounts for pressure and ink she could only offer up “it has to feel right”. Sometimes we can rely on science and scoring and sometimes it’s art and feel.


Bates, A.W. (T) (2015). Teaching in a Digital Age. Retrieved from:


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