The Importance of Accessible Content & Technologies

About one fifth of the population of the USA reports living with a disability, which includes visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive disabilities  And most of us will live with a temporary disability at some point in our lives (i.e. broken arm, depression). I myself, am recovering from a concussion, a temporary disability that has impaired my cognitive skills.


“The disability is not the problem. The accessibility is the problem.”
– Mohamed Jemni, Professor at Ecole Supèrieure des Sciences et Techniques de Tunis (ESSTT), University of Tunis, Tunisia


So, designing for accessibility is extremely important, because it’s the right thing to do, but we all benefit from good design whether it’s content or technology, and, in some countries and Canadian provinces, it’s actually the law so you are required to make content and technology accessible.

The American Disability Act (ADA) came into effect 27 years ago. Ontario’s legislation passed the Ontario Disabilities Act (ODA) in 2001. Manitoba passed the Accessibility for Manitoban’s Act (AMA) in 2013. BC followed with Accessibility 2024. Nova Scotia is next. And the Federal government finally got on board when it started national consultations in fall 2016 as a start towards national accessibility standards.


W3C recently announced WCAG 2.1 standards.


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