Digital Tools: Bates v UNSW

Bates provides two forms of media that New South Wales does not discuss: Virtual Worlds and Multi-Player Games. Both are identified as Social Media, a sub-category of Computing, or, as Social Learning Environments.

Second Life is a Virtual World that offers communication and connections between avatars within a virtual environment. (Bates, 2015). Lord of the Rings Online is a Multi-Player Game that allows players “to compete or collaborate against each other or a third party”. (Bates, 2015)

UNSW offers Simulations, Digital Storytelling and Echo 360.

Simulations are a form of Rich or Interactive Media, that offers experiential learning in a virtual classroom or simulated learning environment. Simulation can take the form of games, role play, virtual experiments, “activity that acts as a metaphor”. (UNSW, 2015)

UNSW identifies Digital Storytelling as Digital Media that includes text, audio, video and social media (e.g. social bookmarking) or even a combination of these media to create Rich Media.

Echo 360 is an in-class video platform, that supports review after class, provides peer-to-peer, response engagement tools (quizzes, discussions, contextual notes, confusion alerts) and analytics to improve learning outcomes and to identify at risk students.


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