VR in the Classroom

Last night I participated in an educhat titled The Experience – Coming to Your Classroom! on  hosted by  .

Six questions were posed by the hosts. I’ve summarized the responses below.

Q1: What experiences have you had with VR? Any that really stand out as being especially immersive?

Q2: What VR experiences would you like to see available for YOUR students?

  • Social rather than isolated environments
  • Empathy scenarios like The Walking Dead and Life is Strange
  • Sandboxes like #Minecraft that allow students to create rather than just consume
  • Environments that support playful learning much like video games

Q3: How do we take VR in education to scale? How can we make it accessible to more kids?

  • Utilize existing hardware:
    • iPad simulation apps
    • 360 videos are accessible on exisiting devices supported by a YouTube filter
  • Google Cardboard is an affordable entry point

Q4: What experiences would lend especially well to #VR vs. any other medium?

  • Travel to places you cannot really go: space, oceans, other countries
  • Simulators: anatomy, dissection, cell structures, internal organs
  • Augmented empathy

Q5: #VR seems like an obvious fit for immersive content consumption. Where do you see opportunities for content creation?

Q6: What’s your next step for bringing #VR experiences to your students?

  • Write grant proposals and seeking VR partnerships
  • Implement #VR headsets & Android devices
  • Teacher training and support
  • Advocate at school for scaling

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Soccer enthusiast, cyclist, web developer, e-learning professional, educator, husband to a graduate student, and father of four daughters.
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