Meeting Maureen Mancuso

This afternoon I directed a video shoot at work: three interviews of the instructional team for the Senior University Administrators Course (SUAC) for Extended Education, University of Manitoba. One of the interviewees was Dr. Maureen Mancuso (former Provost and Vice-President Academic) Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Guelph. She is also President and CEO of Teaching and Learning Canada. She was named one of the best teachers in 2011. She spoke on the subject Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Mancuso spoke about the challenges of teaching and learning in higher ed, the need for experiential learning, and teaching competencies and skills. She highlighted the need for scalable technologies.  She spoke about the Learning Management System (LMS) at Guelph University, D2L specifically, the use of student success systems (SSS), tying learning outcomes to competencies within D2L in the Engineering program at Guelph University, the creation of a consortium of seven universities sharing their online Engineering courses within D2L and sharing the costs, and how technologies offer much promise but also provide many challenges.

I spoke to her briefly afterwards about D2L, the consortium she spoke about in her interview, and teaching with technologies.


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