Digital Curation: an example

I have used digital curation on projects but not to the degree Ungerer demonstrates. Here’s an example:

The Canadian Human Rights Toolkit is a database of resources for K-12 teachers submitted by teachers. The Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) curated the original submissions which they researched and evaluated and built the original database.

I provided further curation by evaluating whether the resources were accurate, appropriate, had curriculum linkages, linked to the resource (some were broken, others had inaccurate links), I provided further curation by identifying more resources that linked to the central themes, French and bilingual resources, media type, declarations and charters, curriculum linkages for grades 1-12, all provinces and territories, all subject areas and learner communities (i.e. English, French, Inuit, First Nations, etc).

I worked with a writer, an editor and translator to refine the resource summaries. I worked with a librarian to define and apply meta-data (terms, keywords, tags) to the resource. He used a Human Rights lexicon and I provided the educational terms and curriculum links. I worked with a developer to develop the filters and refine the search engine using meta data.

Sadly, CTF and CMHR have not added any resources since launch.


Canadian Human Rights Museum (2014). Retrieved from:

Ungerer, L. M. (2016). Digital curation as a core competency in current learning and literacy: A higher education perspective. International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 17(5). DOI:


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