Affordances of Media

Bates states that “different media have different potential or ‘affordances’ for different type of learning” (Bates, p. 228) and that “the pedagogical affordances of a medium relate to the possibilities of using that medium for specific teaching purposes.” (Bates, p. 229).

Bates summarizes the process for choosing a media or technology: the teacher perceives the possibilities of a medium for a specific teaching purpose, based on 1) the underlying “epistemological position about knowledge and teaching” (Bates, p. 228) or simpler, how they understand how knowledge is gained and teaching methodology (Constructivism of Connectivism, as examples) and 2) aligned to “desires learning outcomes” (Bates, p. 228) and 3) and what teaching methods are “employed to facilitate the learning outcomes.”

To summarize, each medium has unique characteristics that afford different learning types and, in turn, each medium offers pedagogical characteristics that relate to the possibilities for specific teaching purposes.

Epistemology and Learning Theories


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