The Transformative Power of Gaming

I have a passion for games, both digital and physical (board, tabletop, card, etc.), and a passion for using games in education.

Dr. Richard Van Eck is the Associate Professor and Graduate Director of the Instructional Design and Technology Program at the University of North Dakota. I’ve seen Richard present several times. He speaks on Digital Game-Based Learning and Gamification. He introduced me to Digital Game-Based Learning (DGBL), Marc Pensky, Jane McGonigal and others, and how games like Dark Souls teach and to use Dark Souls as a model to gamify your classroom.

Here Richard speaks about using digital games as disruptive technology to transform education by bringing in situated cognition, authentic learning, systems thinking, collaboration and collective intelligence, optimized challenge and problem solving for the 21st Century, and learner engagement and personalized learning.

Rick Van Eck – The Gaming of Educational Transformation

Jane McGonigal is a game designer and author, here she speaks on how games like World of Warcraft can save the world.

Jane McGonigal  – Gaming can make a better world


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