My media use in teaching and learning

A few of my uses of media in my teaching and learning.


  • Textbooks, digital and physical
  • Word Docs, PDFs and Google Docs: class notes, assignments, activities, course outlines, supplemental readings…


  • radio and podcasts for learning primarily while working on low thinking skills required tasks at work


  • Features, short movies and animation. I showed by design students the documentaries Helvetica and Objectified for learning history and greater understanding of contemporary design and how what informs it. I also provided them with example of short video to assist them in developing and shooting their own videos and I provided how to videos. I showed my game design students movies from Citizen Kane to The Matrix to help them understand narrative, character arc, camera angles and lighting.
  • Recorded webcasts and webinars for learning, which allows for stop, play and replay
  • How to videos while working on an activity at hand, such as how to swap out the hard rive on your PS4


  • LMS: discussions, assessments, chat, content hosting and sharing
  • Blogs: share ideas and concepts with students and other learners
  • ePortfolio: I had my design students develop their own portfolios to share their work and ideas with other students, I share my work with students and peers with use of my own ePortfolio on WordPress
  • Video: as a learner I participate in webcasts and webinars to learn new ideas, concepts, developments, ed tech, theories…
  • MOOCs: I’ve started taking a few MOOCs but never completed them
  • Games: playing games to teach game design, choice in video games, game narrative, game mechanics in video games

Social Media

  • Sharing student project work on Twitter and Instagram
  • Facebook as an LMS for sharing ideas and links and class communications
  • Use Twitter to share and to tap into and create community of inquiry
  • Use SM as a research tool (i.e. how other museums use social media)

About jhounslow

Soccer enthusiast, cyclist, web developer, e-learning professional, educator, husband to a graduate student, and father of four daughters.
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