Trolling, cyber mobs, #Gamergate and hate campaigns

Cyber bullying is covered in a very minor way in health class in middle school. But it should be a bigger part of the curriculum covering online bullying and harassment (aka trolling), cyber stalking, cyber mobs, and privacy and security, with case studies such as Retah Parsons, #Gamergate and the cyber mob, hate campaign levelled against Ghostbusters’ Leslie Jones.

Unless you’re a gamer, feminist or, especially both, it’s unlikely you would have heard of #Gamergate. Anita Sarkeesian, a culture critic and founder of Feminist Frequency, is best known for her critiques of video game tropes and misogyny. She has been the victim of cyber mob attacks since 2012 that pre-figure #Gamergate. She continues to receive death threats and has had to cancel several speaking engagements. Sarkeesian brings a Canadian connection. Her parents are American and Canadian. She grew up in Toronto and did her MA at York U. Brianna Wu, software engineer, was attacked as part of #Gamergate. She continues to be harassed on Twitter and has her Wikipedia entry continually edited to remove her career from her profile.

Suggested viewing and reading:

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Audio: Anita Sarkeesian discusses the correlations between the so-called “alt-right” and #Gamergate on CBC …


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