Managing Your Online Presence

Tips for Managing Your Online Presence

Effective use of Social Media

  • Create accounts to start your alone presence and build your personal brand. A lack of online presence can have negative effects.
  • Generate postive content and be active.
  • Follow professionals and institutions in your field to stay up to date and create a positive, online persona.

Professional Online Presence

  • Create personal and professional social media accounts to keep your personal and professional lives separate
  • Create an online portfolio to display your work for potential employers and school recruiters. You can use Weekly, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.
  • Set up a LinkedIn account for your professional life.
  • Do not post negative comments about your past of present employer.


  • Exclude important personal information from social media profiles
  • Manage your privacy settings so only your friends can see what you post, but also knowing that not everything online will ever really be private
  • Remove any tags on any photos you find unflattering and inappropriate
  • Assume anything you post will be available online forever. So don’t post anything inappropriate. If you do, delete it.
  • Check your mobile phones privacy settings. GPS apps, such as Google Maps, track your location and every move.


You can test the strength of your password here:

Identity Theft

  • Only friend people you know on Facebook. Digital identity theft can occur if you “friend”  a fake persona. Scammers will mine your profile for personal information and photos and create fake profiles using your identity.

This has happened to Alec Couros over 50 times:


  • Use secure http (http:) sites with encryption for online payments not insecure http (http:) sites


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