LMS Satisfaction

In our discussions, the LMS has fallen short in terms of ease of use, and tools for engagement and collaboration. As it turns out, we’re not alone, these features and operations are the lowest ranked in terms of satisfaction among LMS users, both faculty and students.

In the The Current Ecosystem of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education: Student, Faculty, and IT Perspectives the authors identify that about two thirds of faculty and students are satisfied with their LMS functions and operations, where as IT leaders had a much view higher of faculty and student satisfaction, 92% and 93% respectively. (Dahlstrom, Brooks, Bichsel, 2014)

overall satisfaction chart

Satisfaction was highest for basic features, such as content management and content access and the lowest for collaborative and engagement tools.

“LMS satisfaction ratings are highest for basic features such as curating content (faculty) and accessing content (students) and lowest for advanced features such as using the LMS in engaging and collaborative ways.” (Dahlstrom, Brooks, Bichsel, 2014)

LMS satisfaction graph

Interestingly, the faculty who used the LMS for “more sophisticated activities” has a higher satisfaction level than those who used in “less sophisticated ways”.  (Dahlstrom, Brooks, Bichsel, 2014)

In terms basic operational functionality, ease of use scored the lowest with 56% satisfaction. (Dahlstrom, Brooks, Bichsel, 2014)

LMS operational functionality chart


Dahlstrom, E. , Brooks, C. D.,  & Bichsel, J. (2014). The Current Ecosystem of Learning Management Systems in Higher Education: Student, Faculty, and IT Perspectives. Retrived from https://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/ers1414.pdf


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