My ThingLink introduction for EDTC 0560 – Using Technology for Teaching and Training.

I’ve had several careers that intersect, run parallel and inform one another. I’ve been a web designer and developer, an educational technologist, a corporate and higher education trainer, a higher education course designer and instructor (web development, print design, game design), a museum educator, an e-learning specialist, an LMS administrator, and co-ran a business with my wife. My academic career includes animation at Sheridan College and Fine Arts and English at York University.

I am currently a student in the E-Learning program at Extended Education, University of Manitoba (UM), were I also work as a web communications specialist. I currently sit on the Manitoba Association of Distributed Learning and Training (MADLaT) board and Information and Communications sub-committtee for accessibility at UM.

I am fascinated with technologies. I was introduced to computing in university in 1990. I worked for two student newspapers doing layout and production and at a student union as a communications coordinator. I fell in love with Apple computers and design programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. I built my first web site in 1995.

I am a passionate, self-directed learner. I prefer to find an interest and follow the connections. I am excited about the possibilities of new and emerging technologies and their potential to support teaching and learning. I also have a passion for accessibility, specifically in information and communications.

I created this blog and ePortfolio as a requirement for my course #EDTC0560, but it’s something I’ve wanted to build, to share my work and ideas, for quite sometime.